Bright White Net Saree

Published: 25th July 2011
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Net and art silk fabrics are diligently incorporated in this beautiful white and red saree which speaks volumes about the designer’s rich expertise and the impeccable dexterity of the skilled labor. The saree has an air of freshness about it which accentuates the fascination of the net fabric. Polka velvet patches and resham embroidered border makes the saree irresistible for any woman. One could make her presence felt at any party with this vivid saree and floor the audience at a single go. The breathtaking saree comes with a matching blouse material which is best stitched without sleeves for a trendy look or with elbow length sleeves for a more traditional look and deep u shaped neck in the front and the back. Birthday parties, chat with selected few women over a cup of tea and other get together occasions are awesome reasons to pick this impressive saree. One could also pick up this bright saree to add enthusiasm to a dull day filled with hectic work schedule.

The neatly pleated waist region is of red art silk fabric and flows in a crisp and graceful method while the front torso region over the shoulder is fresh white net fabric which is simply sensational in its looks. The saree has two different borders on the top and the bottom of the saree). The top border is a plain red patch which has silver strips on its either side. The bottom of the saree is a white patch with red leaf patterns that are unique since they hold small floral patterns in orange and green within them. The leaf design is a brilliant idea which accentuates the energy of the saree online. The white pallu is beautifully spotted with huge green, red and orange resham embroidered circular patches which are a feast for the beholder’s eyes. Successful colour combinations are used throughout the saree and the beautiful saree has its design elements complementing one another in perfect harmony.

Pale green glass bangles, red and orange enameled or ceramic bangles and other gold jewelry go well with this delightful designer saree. Red and white studded earrings, studded bangles are also good accompaniments along with gold chain for this saree. Red handbags and slippers would be sober for this saree. White accessories would look dashing and bold with this saree. Coral jewelry and pale red accessories would look smooth with this interesting saree. Hair could be let loose for this beautiful saree.

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